Top 10 Tips For Moving

There are many expenses while relocating that are unavoidable however these tips and tricks you should help to make the move easy, stress-free and cheaper. Write a plan, compare prices and know all of your moving options and costs. These handy tips will help you keep your cool during this transitional period.

Have a master plan

Start with a moving guide including a list of things that you have to do. What repairs and cleaning do you need to do? What are you taking with you and what are you donating, rehousing or throwing away? Who do you need to advise of your new address? Have you organised your utilities at your new property and arranged to have them cancelled at your old one? Having a clear plan will help you save time, money and energy.


The number one tip when selling and moving is to declutter. If you can clean out your wardrobes and cupboards before you even list your home, this will save you time when packing and will allow you to showcase your home without any unnecessary clutter. We all have sentimental items that we simply can’t part with but if they don’t add to the overall visual appeal of your home, pack them and store them safely. We also have contacts for storage solutions should you wish to utilise this option.

Sell, donate or pay it forward

After you have sorted through the items that you no longer need, consider what you could sell, donate or pay it forward. Gumtree and garage sales are both great options for selling items that you no longer want. Also consider donating to various charity organisations as many can make use of your unwanted items. Facebook also has several “Pay it Forward” pages in each suburb so if you want to keep your charity closer to home you can give things away through these channels too.

Keep the boxes light

Your local supermarket may have packing boxes and you could also check Gumtree and Facebook. Ensure that you have enough packing tape and a marking pen to label the boxes. As tempting as it can be, try not to over pack your boxes. Periodically check how comfortable you are with lifting them and if there’s any doubt about moving something, make sure you get help.

Label the boxes

Labelling boxes is another very valuable tip to make the move easier. Know what is inside, as well as the destination room of each box. Write on each box, as you won’t remember. Any box may fall by the wayside during a busy move and labelling will help you unpack in your new home too.


To make the move as safe as possible for yourself and your valuables, make sure fragile and sharp items are wrapped safely. Bubble wrap and newspaper are both great options for packing as are towels, bedding and clothing. Try to organise a caretaker for children and pets on the day of the move as there will be numerous heavy items going in and out of houses and trucks.

Pack one room at a time

Packing a whole house can be an arduous proposition so seeing one whole room completed can help to keep your motivation levels high. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask family members and friends for help. Older children and adults (who know their rooms best) can be tasked with the responsibility of sorting out and packing their bedrooms.

Keep traffic areas clear

When moving boxes upstairs, downstairs and through rooms, make sure to keep traffic areas clear. If smaller rooms are cluttered with boxes, move them in to bigger rooms throughout the property and keep doorways unobstructed.

Hire professional movers

If your budget is flexible, you should consider employing professional removalists to assist with your move. Removalists not only move your furniture and boxes, they can also pack up your whole house too. They are fast, professional and insured.


Once your packing is finished wipe down all your shelves with a damp cloth to make sure you haven’t left any precious items behind. Close all windows, doors and drapes. Lock the front door, the side door(s) and rear doors.

And now you are off to your new home!

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