Presentation Tips

How To Get The Best Price For Your Home

It takes buyers 8 minutes to decide whether they want to purchase your home and with these great tips you can ensure that your property will be presented at its very best!

  1. You want buyers to imagine themselves living in your home so remove any personal photos along with any unnecessary trinkets, ornaments and unnecessary clutter. This is a great opportunity to start your packing.

  1. Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses so make sure these are spotless. Invest in a professional cleaner if you can and don’t forget the windows!

  1. No one is expecting Kew Gardens but a neat, tidy and easy to maintain yard is a plus.

  1. Cobwebs and spiders are great at Halloween but not when selling a home. Check the outside of your home for cleanliness and remove old toys, tools and any items left lying around. Get rid of any signs of neglect or poor maintenance in the house. Touch up paintwork, replace dead light bulbs, fix squeaky doors, broken blinds, handles and dripping taps.

  1. Unless it’s a child’s bedroom, or the bedroom is too small, put in a double or queen bed as a buyer may assume that a large one won’t fit. Also use the best quality bed linen you can afford on beds and iron out creases.

  1. Replace any old, saggy or stained furniture with more modern, clean pieces. Beg or borrow where you can or check out Gumtree for bargains.

  1. Leave pets with friends or take them with you during home opens. Clear away any pet clutter and be sure to retrieve any “messages” from the garden prior to home opens.

  1. Use indoor plants or flowers where possible. Nature is calming and provides a warm and relaxing environment when buyers view your home.

  1. Professional property staging can make a world of difference to the way your home is presented. If you have the means to stage your home, we have the contacts to make it happen!

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