Property Management

Property Management Services

If you have a rental property and you’re wondering what to do about maintenance or any other responsibilities, you’ve come to the right page.

At Purely Real Estate we can give you advice on a whole range of things.

There’s not much we haven’t seen in property – good and bad – so get in touch before you’re in over your head!


Why have a property manager?

There are plenty of good reasons…

  • You may be overseas, or live some distance from your investment property.
  • You may live just around the corner, but want to be assured that management of your property is done according to the Residential Tenancies Act.
  • You may just have a really full life and need someone to manage the property on your behalf.


Making your life easier

Property management isn’t just a matter of collecting rent and sending it to a landlord.

It’s a specialised area of Real Estate practice, geared to handle both the physical and financial complexities of property ownership.

At Purely Real Estate we can:

  • Find you high quality tenants who’ll pay on time and rent for longer periods
  • Minimise untenanted periods and maximise your cashflow
  • Keep you informed of changes in laws relating to landlords and tenants
  • Obtain better rates on trades required for property maintenance or repairs
  • Mediate between parties if disputes or issues arise
  • And so much more…


Talk to us about your property today.

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